Web policy

The following is to provide users with information regarding the processing of personal data when consulting the web site. It deals with information relative to the web site www.mottura.it according to Section 13 of Legislative Decree no.196/2003 “Personal Data Protection Code”.
It is relevant solely to www.mottura.it and not to any other web site potentially consulted by the user through other links. The data controller is MOTTURA SERRATURE DI SICUREZZA S.P.A. (Registered Office: Strada Antica di Francia n° 34, 10057 Sant’Ambrogio di Torino (TO); e-mail: amministrazione@mottura.it tel.: +39 011 9343111  – fax +39 011 9312427).
The person responsible for data control and who is based at the company’s registered office in order to carry out their functions is the person temporarily charged with the administrative management of MOTTURA SERRATURE DI SICUREZZA S.P.A.
Data which is taken from web services provided by the site is dealt with by the technical personnel of the office appointed with data control or by potential temporary service providers carrying out maintenance.
Access to the site does not require the input of any personal particulars. No personal data deriving from the use of the web service is communicated or divulged. The optional and voluntary compilation of the form “Information Request” on the CONTACTS page involves the subsequent data capture of the sender’s address, which is necessary to provide a response to a request, as well as any other potential data entered on the form. Cookies are not used to transfer personal data information nor are c.d cookies, or rather user tracing systems, used of any kind.
The use of c.d. session cookies (which are not memorised in a constant way on the user’s computer and which vanish with the closure of the browser) is strictly limited to the transfer of session identifiers (made up of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to allow the secure and efficient exploration of the site.
Cookies are small text files which are transferred through the user’s web server to the hard disk during navigation. Cookies are allotted to users individually and are solely read by the web server which originally sent them. They cannot be used to spread computer viruses or to run programs but can be used to personalise a user’s access to a web site and generally contain an unambiguous identifier which allows the site to retain information about every visitor. The type of information stored and disclosed and the way in which they are used are determined by the web server which created the cookie.

Operating normally, computer systems including the software procedures used for the running of this web site, obtain personal data of which the transfer is implicit when using the internet and is which is based on the TCP/IP protocol. (E.g. IP address). This information is not collected in order to be linked to specific interests, but allows the identification of its web users through the elaboration and association of information held by third-party service providers. IP addresses can be collected from all visitors who access the interactive sections of our web site. The data collected is then used for the management of the company’s technical and administrative operations, the diagnosis of possible technical problems and the prevention of intrusion and abuse of the service. IP addresses collected during navigation of the site will also be used for internal statistical purposes concerning the most frequently visited areas of the site and the geographical origins of the user.
Potential personal data obtained through the specific areas of this site is dealt with by automated tools solely for the time period strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was originally collected. The systems are equipped with the appropriate and necessary security measures in order to prevent the loss of, misuse of and access to data by unauthorised persons.

The Data Subject can exercise the rights referred to in Section 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, in particular the verification of the existence of personal data, knowledge of its content and origin, proof of accuracy, amendments, cancellation or restriction by sending an email to amministrazione@mottura.it.