Privacy Policy - APP

The Data Controller is: Mottura Serrature di Sicurezza S.p.A.

Strada Antica di Francia, 34, 10057 Sant'Ambrogio di Torino (TO),

hereinafter “Mottura”.

Mottura, pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, wishes to inform you on how it processes information relating to its services and in the context of the use of our Apps.

This policy applies to the processing of personal data relating both to the users of our App (hereinafter “Users”) and to all the subjects who may initiate enquiries, including for advertising purposes, in the context of all our services (present and future).


What data do we process?

By "personal data" we mean all information useful for identifying a natural person, either already held by Mottura or which the latter could come into possession of.

A user can use the Apps for the use and management of Mottura locks and devices.

During the registration procedure and use of the App, the following personal data can be collected, stored and subsequently processed:


 How is personal data collected by Mottura?

 Data collected by Mottura, within the services provided through the App, come from:

We also inform you that Mottura does not use automated decision-making processes pursuant to art. 22 of the GDPR for decisions regarding the establishment and execution of business relationships.


Why does Mottura process personal data?

Mottura processes User data for the following purposes:


On what legal basis is personal data processed?

The processing of Users’ data is necessary to perform the agreement for the supply of services, and deliver the services related to lock opening and management. Furthermore, in case of Users’ refusal to provide their personal data, it won’t be possible for Mottura to deliver its afore-mentioned services.

In case of consent given for personal data processing with regard to specific purposes, the processing will be carried out on the basis of such consent and in accordance with the purposes declared in the consent form. It is possible to withdraw the given consent, at any moment, either through a request in written form or e-mail. The consent withdrawal does not prevent the lawfulness of the data processing activities performed before the withdrawal and in accordance with the consent.

The processing of the User's data for marketing purposes takes place on the basis of the User's consent, in compliance with Mottura's general Privacy Policy which can be consulted at the link:


For how long does Mottura store personal data?

Mottura shall store personal data for a period of 5 years following the termination of the service delivery, and only with the purposes of anti-money-laundering and anti-terrorism provided by the applicable regulation. The request of erasure of personal data provided during the download phase will be fulfilled with regards to all the data processing purposes different from the ones defined by the aforementioned regulation.


With whom is personal data shared?

Nell’ambito delle attività di trattamento previste, Mottura potrebbe dover condividere i dati personali raccolti con soggetti che agiscono in qualità di Titolari autonomi oppure di Responsabili del trattamento (ex art. 28 GDPR), ove operino per suo conto.

A titolo esemplificativo e non esaustivo:

With reference to the planned data processing activities, Mottura may need to share the gathered personal data with subjects that act in its behalf in the role of Data Controller or of Data Processor pursuant to art. 28 GDPR; by way of example and not limited to, the following:

Personal data shall not be diffused.


How does Mottura guarantee the security of personal data?

Mottura pays extreme attention to the security of the personal data of the data subjects. To this end, it has prepared special procedures for data security as well as an information security policy allowing to protect data from accidental loss or improper use. Mottura allows access to information only in the presence of a legitimate reason.


What rights can data subjects exercise in relation to the information processed by Mottura?

Any interested party (i.e. the User as well as those who are not yet Users but have requested information and given their personal data to Mottura) can exercise specific rights, including those to ask the data controller:

To exercise his rights, any interested party can write to the e-mail address .

Pursuant to the Regulations, Mottura is not authorized to charge costs to fulfill one of the requests set out in this paragraph, unless they are manifestly unfounded or excessive, and in particular are repetitive. In cases where the data subject requests more than one copy of his personal data or in cases of excessive or unfounded requests, Mottura may (i) charge a reasonable fee, taking into account the administrative costs incurred to process the request or (ii) refuse to comply with the request. In these cases, Mottura will inform the interested party of the costs before processing the request.