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Cookies are small text files sent by the website to its terminal. They are used to enhance  the services erogated from the website as, for example, remembering data so that the user doesn’t have to input them at each access. Some browsing operations couldn’t be possible without the use of cookies which are, in some cases, necessary.
Cookies are classified on the base of duration and the website that sets them:
- Session cookies: These end when the browser session ends.
- Persistent cookies. These end after a fixed time period.
- First-party cookies: Set by the websites, can be read only by those websites. These are usually used to save informations like preferences to be used on future visits.
- Third-party cookies: During the navigation, the user can receive on its terminal cookies from other web sources. These can come from links such as maps, images, sounds, or links to other websites that reside on a different server than the requested website.

How to control and delete cookies
This website doesn’t use cookies to store personal data. It is possible, however, to block or limit the amount of cookies encountered  during the browsing through the dedicated panel of the browser.
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