Mottura Serrature di Sicurezza S.p.A. was founded in Turin during the years of Italy's major industrial industrial development.


The company quickly grew in the national territory, acquiring an outstanding specialization concerning safety products for the private and residential building sector. Around mid 90s, a long period of internal renovation took the company to comply to the tipical structure of a modern international firm.  


Research & Development, production automation, internal testing and analysis labs are constantly committed to keep high quality standards within quality management, governed by UNI EN ISO 9001/UNI EN ISO 45001.


The whole production is 100% Made in Italy, in order to better take advantage of the industry's know-how.


The commercial distribution evenly covers the Italian market and also unfolds itself in the main foreign countries - over 60 - of the 5 continents.


Our MISSION: Within a global market, becoming the main reference point for the security of residential environments, offering technologically updated solutions.


Our VISION: Make people sure... to feel sure.

Mottura was born in Turin during the years of Italy's major industrial fluorishment, specializing itself in the sector of security products for residential environments.
Some years later, the company moved its plants in the industrial area between Avigliana and Sant'Ambrogio, in the suburbs of Turin.
The firm's core business turns around security locks for residential buildings and security safes for home, hotels, resorts and ships.
During the 90s, the plants were expanded by new robotic and automatic equipments, from which either production efficiency or final products quality benefit to a large extent.
Mottura strengthened its reputation as the sector leader on the main italian market, first market for importance and for brand awareness. At the same time, the export division experienced a progressive expansion towards many foreign countries.
Around mid 90s, Experience Department came to life: it represented (and still represents) the beating heart of the internal R&D, at firs mechanic-oriented, then, mainly, mechatronic and electronic-oriented.
Mottura volutarily undertook a tight and qualified collaboration with the most relevant worldwide certification institutes. In 1999 the firm applied the quality management system verified by the voluntary UNI EN ISO 9000/2000 norm, progressively certifying all the main lines of products. At the same time, internal product test&trial labs took place.
The company kept on expanding worldwide, mainly thanks to its continuous tecnologic product innovations, disclosed during several important industry fairs.
From year 2000 onwards, CHAMPIONS cylinders came to life. Such europrofile security cylinders were (and still are) technologically upgraded and safe and were discolsed for the first time at Cologne EISENWARENMESSE fair, achieving impressive success since the beginning.
Champions cylinders, consequently, happened to need a structural supply: therefore the company began to reward some strategic clients as Mottura Clubs, or rather faithful partner-clients that support firm's values and products, but most of all are the only players who are authorized to manage protected Mottura ke duplications. In order to guarantee quality and safety, Mottura was the first company to certificate the process of key duplication for Champions europrofile security cylinders, through ICIM certification institute.
In 2013 Mottura founded Mottura Locks Shanghai, based in Shanghai, China; the subsidiary is 100% italian and was built to explore and develop itself in the Asia-Pacific market, especially in China. The company participated to several industry fairs in Yongkang (door fair) and in Beijing (security systems fair).
In 2014 Mottura X Technology formally was born: it is a Mottura brand that includes a range of high-tech and electronic/meccatronic products, suitable to satisfy new domotics and smart-locks needs.
New machineries and equipments were bought in order to digitalize the company. At the same time, the company renovated all offices and some parts of the plants.
A new warehouse was built straight in front of the firm. The aim was to achieve a higher level of control and quality.
Mottura Launched 3DKEY, a new concept of security lock. Achievement of UNI EN 14001 certification.
Mottura launched the renovation of Defender range. At the same time the firm is keeping up the pace with machineries investments.
Mottura launches the new Champions High Security Cylinders models and “Play the Champions Game” campaign and introduces its insurance.