Information on personal data treatment(ART. 13 D LGS. 196/2003)

With reference to the requirements of Law Decree 196/2003, ART. 13, about the protection of personal data, MOTTURA SERRATURE DI SICUREZZA S.P.A. (HQ: Strada Antica di Francia 34, 10057 Sant'Ambrogio di Torino, TO; e-mail: tel.:+39 011 9343111 – fax +39 011 9312427) as processor of data, in the name of its legal representative, informs that acquired personal data, with reference to established commercial and recruitment relationships, will be the object of data treatment, respecting the norm above; the company also provides this information:


The treatment of personal data responsible, domiciled by the Headquarters, is MOTTURA SERRATURE DI SICUREZZA S.P.A. responsible CEO.


Acquired personal data basically refer to:

1) all source of personal data (business name, headquarters, telephone number, fax number, email, fiscal data, etc.)

2) all source of economic/commercial activity data (orders, solvency, banking and financial data, accounting and fiscal data, etc.). Such data are directly provided by you and may be collected by third independent data processors (for instance by our agencies network and representatives for any source of data required for contracts and orders or by commercial information companies or registers, books or solvency data banks)

3) all source of data included in CVs or received as response to any posted job offer.


Aims of treatment are the following: 

1) execution of contracts and relative obligations

2) fulfilments of law obligations, linked to contractual relation

3) administrative management of the contract (for instance relations with agents, representatives and contractors for management of committed activities)

4) potential professional external collaborators committed to the fulfillment of law obligations

5) legal protection of contractual rights

6) internal statistics analysis

7) marketing activities such as submission of advertisements or promotional materials, concerning products or services similar to those treated in the commercial relation

8) received CVs, either paper or electronic format, will be stored even upon closed research of personnel, and their use will be exclusively dedicated to the research of personnel. Paper format CVs are stored for 5 years, then destroyed.   


Data supply and relative treatment are mandatory according to aims 1, 2 and 5, concerning contractual and legal fulfillments; supply is also mandatory according to aims 3 and 4, referring to the completion of all those company's activities that are necessary and functional to execute contractual and legal obligations; therefore, the potential refusal to provide data for such aims may determine the company's impossibility to carry out any contractual relations or any law obligations. Data supply and its treatment is to be considered voluntary in the other situations. According to aim 9, the consent of processing personal data (health conditions, politic parties memberships, trade union memberships, religious belief) is mandatory. If the job application includes any personal data, the candidate must give the consent in writing, whithout which the cv will not be taken in consideration. 


Personal data will be treated in paper, electronic and telematic format and placed in coherent dabases (clients, suppliers, administration, human resources) to which will be accessible, and so be disclosed to, employees in charge of sales, production, administration and human resources, expressively outlined by the company as responsible of personal data treatment. Such people are allowed to consult, use, process, compare personal data and approach any other kind of approrpiate activity, respecting law dispositions that guarantee data confidentiality, safety, precision, update and coherence with respect to the declared aims. DATA COMMUNICATION AND DIFFUSIONReferring to aims 1, 2 and 5 data may be communicated to the following subjects or categories of subjects:

1) shipping companies and couriers for those aspects related to shipping of goods and customs procedures

2) banks in order to manage collection and payments

3) financial institutions and other firms or public institutions in order to fulfill law obligations

4) legal companies for the protection of contractual rights

5) according to aims 3 and 4, data may be communicated to agents, representatives or brokers who operate for Mottura, independent workers and clients

6) according to aim 6, data communication is not used, except in form of disclosure of aggregated and anonymous statistics

7) according to aim 7, external data communication usually is not provided, except if done to the company's agents or representatives who will take care of the presentation or shipping of materials whether the client has already authorized it by expressing the consent

8) according to aim 8, data may be communicated to agencies and commercial information companies

9) according to aim 9, data will be treated only by employees in charge of candidates selection. Candidates' data may potentially be communicated to professionists or consultancy companies, suppliers of advice regarding fiscal circumstances, candidates selection and/or labour consultancy, in order to evaluate the candidate's suitability to the company requirements. 

RIGHTS OF INTERESTED                                                                                    

Referring to such treatments, all rights of art. 7, Law Decree 196/2003, may be practised, within limits and conditions provided by art. 8, 9 and 10 of the same law decree. Further information regarding treatment and communication of personal data (either directly supplied or differently acquired) may be asked to the company's Administration ( or by the headquarters. The complete text of Law Decree 196/2003 may be entirely read on  This warning does not exclude that other information may be given verbally to the interested during data collection.