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Limited Edition series 30

3DKEY Range

The lock

3DKey is a very high security level gear lock for armoured doors. It fits the same dimensions and fixing of the main locks for armoured doors and goes beyond the actual standard of security, yet guaranteed by European Cylinder locks: the new lock adds an exclusive interchangeable patented nucleo, with its unique shape. It is slimmer than the other locks for armoured doors: its 25mm thickness permits more applications and the possibility to strengthen the lock with a manganese plate in the front.


Interchangeable nucleo in case of loss of the key to reset the original security. Smooth and silent rotation of the key. VARIO – CONSTRUCTION KEY versions available and SET / RESET version only for single locks.

The key

hexagonal key profile with 3 coded surfaces + 2 desmodromic paths. Hardened steel pins. 10 bilions possible combinations. Stem 20 - 30 - 40 mm or FOLDING key. Protected and controlled key duplication, only made in Mottura.

The escutcheons

The factory provides a series of escutcheons in order to complete the door finish. There are several types that can suit different door thickness.

The Defender®

This is the Defender® created exclusively for 3DKey locks. 2 versions with thickness 25 mm.