1. Mottura lifetime patented MM key profile.
  2. Controlled breaking shear in the event of break-in.
  3. Updated internal anti-burglary devices to counter the most common picking techniques, key deconding and break-in attempts.
  4. Bumping and Picking resistant, certified by ICIM to the highest levels estabilished by the VOLUNTARY reference standard.
  5. Tracing resistant: coding is protected against break-in techniques based on the "tracing" or "impression" of the key
  6. New key colour and design and ergonomic lines for a more confortable use. Technical approach that conveys strength and durability. Round coloured inserts to make them easily recongnizable. Triangular coloured inserts or coloured shells to identify the function.

6 common features that make each of the 6 new Champion® the best in their respective categories!